Camp Naromoru

28 Jun

Camp Naromoru

This being my first time as a camp mentor, I was excited and nervous at the same time .We spent about 2 hours on the road before arriving at Bantu Lodge where the camp was located. I was the class 3 mentor and we got to give the kids various talks.Knowing this would  impact the kids lives so we had to give it our all. The activities were the most exciting part of the camp, especially rock abseiling. Here we had to descend high rocks using ropes and to my surprise, most of the children were doing it with ease.

What I remember up to date was how the  mentors were height phobic and were screaming all the way to the ground. We also had horse riding, sky walking on ladders. Another fun though tiresome activity was the 14km hike up Mt. Kenya.

Here most of the children got tired quickly and as mentors,we had to appear strong though fatigued since the kids were looking up to us  but we had a goal to finish the hike, which we achieved.

The African party on the last night was another memorable event as the children got to showcase their creative outfits.

Overall, camp Naromoru was  one of the best camps  to date and I hope to go for  more camps as a mentor!


Elizabeth Wambua, Form 2.

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