Camp Pwani.

28 Jun

Camp Pwani.


Camp Pwani was one to remember. We learnt, we taught and best of all we had fun. We spent nearly 5 hours in traffic on our way to Mombasa and back. The kids complained a lot and  it made me nearly dread the moment I accepted to go for the camp. But, I realized that the kids looked up to me and the other mentors to have the time of their lives. Therefore, it was up to us that the children had fun, despite the scorching sun, the air-tight bus and tired bodies. From this I learnt to be patient and creative as we came up with the most ridiculous games. We sang songs and prayed  for  the traffic to ease out. This ended up being the most exciting part of the trip.

The camp was fun-filled including a disco themed ‘Wannabe’ (Who you want to be in the future) whose details I leave to your imagination.

I got the joy of making an impact on the camper’s lives. When the kids came back to tell me what they learnt from the talks, It really made me happy and edified. Their obedience, patience and will to have fun really kept me going as a mentor.

It was an ecstatic experience and I really hope to get more opportunities to mentor future camps.


Natalie Otieno, Form 2.

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