Category: Fun Activity

20 Jun


“Everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug is worst of all.” – Brian Jackman [2004 Travel Writer of the Year]. The entire time we spent in the Masai Mara was like a dream, complete with all the African life and death dramas of a National Geographic special. When we were planning our budget Masai […]

21 Sep


  This was the ecstatic Drop Dead Dancing Party when schools closed .The theme was Hot Red….This is how it went down!

28 Jun

Camp Naromoru

This being my first time as a camp mentor, I was excited and nervous at the same time .We spent about 2 hours on the road before arriving at Bantu Lodge where the camp was located. I was the class 3 mentor and we got to give the kids various talks.Knowing this would  impact the […]

28 Jun

Camp Pwani.

  Camp Pwani was one to remember. We learnt, we taught and best of all we had fun. We spent nearly 5 hours in traffic on our way to Mombasa and back. The kids complained a lot and  it made me nearly dread the moment I accepted to go for the camp. But, I realized […]